30-minute Highlights of a 50-minute G+ HOA.
Recorded 5-5-13. Excerpts below.

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Using Google Plus to Advance
Your Hospital/Practice
in Search

Highlights from a Google Hangout On Air
discussing strategies and tactics
of using video to engage
your target audience
in Google Search.


Todd Hartley and Kathi Browne conversationally discuss one of the most exciting and certainly one of the more cost effective ways to engage and really connect with your target audience by using Google Plus. 

1. G+ Search Explained
Google uses G+ to determine who really should be on top of search. It’s so cool that it works for medical fans like you  and I, Kathi, and those in the audience.
2. How to Use G+ to Engage
For great Google Search, you have to have something so useful that your followers want to come and check on a regular basis.
3. Video FAQs  Improve Search
We had 4.5K live views, but 163K total views because we repackaged the video into a series of 3-minute answers to questions people were already asking.
4. Hashtag
Strategies and Benefits
Hashtags are increasingly important for G+ post. Great strategies to research hashtags yourself including Hashtag Project, Twitter and Google auto-fill search.

5. Tips for Hangout for Marketing
For effective search marketing, start with video, then repurpose in different ways. To expands your searchable footprint, create individual clips for each question.
6. Serious Reasons for G+ Video
It’s supply & demand. Answers the right questions to expand your discovery footprint. Bonus: Your guests can share your clips their websites too.
7. The Kathi Browne steps for Social Engagement in G+
Create communities based on your own individual niche, so you’re engaging in a natural way.



FEATURED QUOTE: “If you really value your experts, you can’t have them write a blog. They’re experts and will give you professional quality. So, they’re going to spend three hours to write a 400 word blog … but if you get it in video you could create 15 blogs [from a one hour interview], then engage socially over months with that content.” – Todd Hartley

FEATURED QUOTE: “Create your community based on where you believe your niche is. Anyone who wants to create a community needs to be thinking about where they’re most comfortable, so that when you engage, you engage in a natural way.” -Kathi Browne 


Tom Hartley, CEO WireBuzz
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Kathi Browne, Social Media Consultant
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