For more information about Dr. Grandin’s presentation to the American Psychological Association, please check out Michael Fenichel’s online report at:


Mia’s Dream Interview with Temple Grandin

Sometimes you have that “in my heart of hearts” interview, and for Mia Voss it was this one with Dr. Temple Grandin,

From’s Mia’s HOA event page, you’ll learn that Dr. Grandin’s an amazing American doctor of animal science, a professor at Colorado State University, a best selling author, an autistic activist, and a consultant to the livestock industry on animal behavior.”




Here’s an example of a video that was locally recorded, and then uploaded to YouTube and placed in a GPlus Event page to share wtih the larger community (notice the absence of the usual Google logo). This is a great option when internet connectivity is poor, or when you’re seeking higher production values. If properly optimized for search (SEO), multiple single topic “Golden Nuggets” such as these gives your you and your overall program a much better chance of connecting with your intended audience.





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