Creating Collaborative Udemy Courses With Other People
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Are you interested in teaming up with someone else so that you can create a Udemy course? In this week’s OVEE CHAT hangout, we discussed the ins and outs of creating courses, including contracts, how to find the right people and how to split revenue. There were some excellent points made by a very knowledgeable panel, so make sure you check this one out!

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Introducing Panel of Udemy Instructors 

Hosts Mark and Philomena Timberlake Welcome Scott Paton, Jeremy Deighan, Gisela Echeveria & Jonathan Levi

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The Many Benefits of Udemy Collaboration

If You’re Not an Expert in Everything, then Collaboration

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Scott Paton reveals his Udemy Collaboration Methodology

Scott’s simple steps for course reaction with content experts

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Think Long Term when Co-Producing Udemy Courses

Keep the Content Expert Around to Answer Student Questions

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Tight Control and High Standards – Key to Udemy Success

Jonathan Levi Discusses the Up Side for Being a “Massive Control Freak.”

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The Sweet Spot when Selecting Udemy Course Instructors

Jonathan Levi’s shares guiding principles

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Jonathan Levi Extols the Virtues of Entrepreneurship

It’s Not About the Money, It the Choice.

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Udemy Collaboration, Trust but also have a Contract

According to Gisela Echeverria, To Build Trust, You Must First Trust.

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Jonathan Levi’s Top Tips for Udemy Co-Instructors

Written Contract Should Set Expectations, List Milestones and Outline Reporting Structure.

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Untangling Copyright Issues for Udemy Co-Instructors

When One Udemy Instructor is in Control, Both Need A Contract.

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Ins and Outs of Contract Basics for Udemy Co-Instructors

International Panel of Udemy Experts Share Legal Insights for Course Collaborators

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Splitting Revenues when Co-Producing Udemy Courses

International Panel of Udemy Experts Share Legal Insights for Course Collaborators

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Revenue Split Basics for Co-Produced Udemy Courses

Lots of Options, But Be Careful about Co-Marketing Udemy Courses


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