The SCOTT Treatment is well known throughout much of the HOA community as providing the highest quality post production services that can supercharge  your Hangouts on Air into ones that generate traffic, inform, entertain and delight viewers and enhance your branding and online reputation.

Here’s what others have to say about their experience with The SCOTT Treatment.



Meloney Hall avitar

This HOA has a different format appearance because I, as the host, forgot something very important, which is known as “The Blue Box.”  … Fortunately, a fellow Google Plusser named  Scott Scowcroft suggested that he try “The Scott Treatment” on my broadcast video to edit the problem away.   Sure enough, he did, and the results were amazing!  I invite you to check into this special editing service that Scott can do.

~Meloney Hall ♦ Post ♦ commnet

 Larry Fournillier avitarScott Scowcroft thank you and your video editing skills are some of the best I’ve seen.
We need to talk.  :)

~Larry Fournillier Event Page ♦ Comment

Larry Fournillier comment2


Jason T Wiser avitarThanks Scott Scowcroft.  It was great to finally meet the genius behind the “Scott Treatment” and boy am I glad I did! You sir, have a LOT to offer! looking forward to our next discussion.

JTW genius endorsement image

~Jason T. Wiser ♦ Digital Business Strategy Consultant ♦ Post


Steven Washer avitarNice little slice, guys.

 And kudos to Scott Scowcroft for the fun intro!

~Steven WasherChief Education Officer at BrainyVideo ♦ Post

Mia Voss avitarOMG, #TheScottTreatment  just outdid itself! SO much fun – thanks +Scott Scowcroft for putting together this clever clip that showcases +Chef Dennis Littley working his singing magic.  +Mark Traphagen  – I have faith in you!!  :D 

~Mia Voss, Entrepreneur/The Mia Connect, post 


Jimmie Lanley avitarTwenty-Five Things to Do When Your G+ Hangout on Air is Over
When you click end broadcast your work has only begun. Make the most of your Hangout on Air (HoA) by doing the work of follow up. ♦  #22. Slice and dice sections of the video to create small snippets to use in various ways. This is known in some circles as “The Scott Treatment.”

~Jimmie Lanley ♦ iHomeschool Network ♦  25 Things To Do postJL 25 HOA post image


Todd Hartley avitar

Once again, the amazing Scott Scowcroft did a great job boiling down the secrets to leveraging Google+ at your next industry conference to place your brand in the center of the conversation.  Thank you Kathi Browne for always conducting an fabulous interview.

~Todd Hartley ♦ CEO of WireBuzz Post

Mark Traphagen avitarAs we mentioned earlier, Stone Temple Consulting uses Scott Scowcroft to give our HOA videos “The Scotty Treatment” (TST). stc comment longHe is a true artist, not only at grabbing out just the right excerpts, but at fashioning them into entertaining mini-videos with great
production values. They become very shareable content. You’ll be seeing many of these in the coming weeks if you have +Stone Temple Consulting circled or follow us on Twitter at @stonetemple.

STC LogoMark Traphagen for Stone Temple Consulting ♦ event page

Eric Enga avitarThanks for Scott Scowcroft for applying The Scott Treatment to create this video excerpt, and to Ronnie Bincer for his advice on the process!

~Eric Enge ♦ CEO Stone Temple Consulting ♦ post

Peg Fitzpatrick avitar Love it Ronnie Bincer!
Thank you Scott Scowcroft – #TheScottTreatment rocks.

~Peg FitzpatrickwebsiteComment ♦ post

Teodora Petkova Avitar Teodora Petkova: Scott Scowcroft managed to catch a falling star :) during this HOA and capture it in one of his SCOTT treatments. Thanks Scott!

 Ronnie Bincer avitar Ronnie Bincer: Thanks for posting this one Teodora. I have had my life enriched because of David Amerland and Scott Scowcroft around discussions including Hangouts and Semantic Search. Sometimes the depth of things I discover via these 2 guys really amazes me. I look forward to meeting you soon.

David Amerland Avitar David Amerland: Teodora, thank you for sharing this and surfacing it. I have so much catching up to do that your post pushed this up in my list of priorities. Scott Scowcroft, of course, is an incredible guy.

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Ammon Johns avitar Scott Scowcroft works magic. Anyone doing hangouts,ammon comment circle him under ‘Emergency Rescue God’

Ammon Johns ♦ event page


Ronnie Bincer avitar Scott Scowcroft your slice and dice and video editing work adds so much value to HOA after the fact… #TheScottTreatment is what you do Ronnie Bincer commentand I love it.

Ronnie Bincer event page ♦ Comment

 Marilyn Moore AvitarScott Scowcroft showcases some of the golden nuggets from a HOA and gives them The SCOTT Treatment. He creates a short video containing the highlight and adding a professional introduction and closing, complete with music. The result is a polished, stand-alone video that gives added value and reach to the original HOA.

 In this TST, the video highlights a question posed about re-sharing strategy. Enjoy not only the content, but the quality of the video.

Marilyn Moore  ♦ post ♦ Comment

Ben Fisher Profile Image Great work Scott Scowcroft you should totally tell everyone about your services bro, I highly recommend using Scott to repurpose your hoa. Ben Fisher comment

Ben Fisher ♦ post Comment

Anna Hoffman avitar

Brilliant way to break it down into bite-sized segments, Scott Scowcroft 

– thanks for the feature!

Ana Hoffman ♦ post ♦ Comment

GPS logo If you aren’t familiar with The Scott Treatment by Scott Scowcroft, pay attention… This is a fantastic way to pull a segment out of a HOA and create content that stands on its own two feet. GPL Comment

GPlus Business Spotlight Post ♦ Comment

Eric Enga avitar Thanks for the reshare Scott Scowcroft! I had them embedded originally, but they
dialed them back to links.  Either way, I think that the short videosEric Enge comment2 really add a fantastic element to the content!

Eric Enga ♦ post Comment ♦ article

 Troy McLaughlin avitarWelcome to the Thursday edition of the #significanceseries. Today’s recipient hails from Seattle. He makes others significant by adding his special sauce to others posts.
It’s called the “The SCOTT Treatment” It just makes others work better. Thank you Scott Scowcroft for making others significant.Troy McLaughlin comment If you don’t have Scott in a circle, add him today, you’ll be glad you did!

Troy McLaughlin ♦ Post ♦ Comment

Sheila Hensley Avitar Hire Scott Scowcroft for editing – no question. Spend your time where you’re “beautiful” to quote Mani Saint-Victor.

Sheila Hensley ♦ Event Page ♦ Comment
Sheila Hensley comment


Matt Pentecost Avitar

Scott with The Scott Treatment is a fantastic resource! I had Scott work on an online interview and he is a true professional. He not only edited the main interview but broke it up into small focused segments making it simpler for viewers with limited time  to watch the ones they are more interested in.Matt Pentecost comment 2

Matt Pentecost ♦ Comment