Breath New Life into Your Old HOAs

“Evergreening” keeps your HOAs fresh and relevant over time.
“Golden Nuggets” are shareable across platforms.
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    The first consideration is, “does this HOA even need to be evergreened” in the fist place. Honestly? Most HOAs are meant for the moment, not the ages. But if you want your HOA to live on …

    Things to keep in mind when thinking about “Evergreening” your HOA:

    Most obvious, remove dated content, awkward moments, off topic material.
    Next raise production values by fixing technical issues (when possible) and adding a professional looking open/close.
    Consider replacing screen shares with original graphics.
    Consider adding “lower thirds” or other graphics if needed.
    For robust editing, consider removing excessive “umms” “ahhhhs” and “ya knows.”
    Also for robust editing, consider requesting (1) questions become short and answers concise. and (2) keep only the best of the best.
    Typically, standard editing of an hour HOA results in a 45 to 50 minute program.
    Depending on your desired outcome, robust editing can result in the same HOA running 30 to 40 minutes, but as short as 10 minutes is possible too.


    Also known as slice and dice, these are usually two to three minute
    single topic segments with simple graphic open and close.

    Things to keep in mind when thinking about Golden Nuggets:
    (1) A minimum and maximum number of Golden Nuggets, or “no limit.”
    (2) If you’d prefer to specify the content of each or leave it for me to choose.
    (3) If you’d like to consider including an animated open/close.
    (4) If you’d like a quantity discount quote for a series or multiple HOAs.
    (5) If you’d like Golden Nugget(s) delivered within 24-hours, and if so how many.
    (6) Any other relevant information you’d like to share.


    This is where thinking of HOA as “Google’s video production services” comes in handy. Whenever possible, produce your HOAs with the edited version in mind.

    Things to keep in mind when thinking about Featuring a Business, Product or Service:

    Typically 4 to 8 minutes,  these can be as short as a minute or long as 10 or 15 minutes.
    Consider best of the best “sound bytes” drawn from throughout your HOA.
    Consider adding new graphics or “B-roll” to “show” what is being “told.”
    Consider replacing screen shares with original graphics.
    Pay close attention to branding, especially with open, close and lower thirds.
    If HOA’s is recorded specifically for editing, add lower thirds in post production.
    Consider short, medium and long versions of the same featured business, product or service.


    There may come a time as you deploy your digital strategy that you’ll want to promote your HOAs either before the fact via a Promo or “Teaser,” or after the fact with a trailer.

    Things to keep in mind when thinking about Promo’s and Trailers:

    Usually the shorter a promo/trailer is, the better.
    Certainly a minute is plenty of time to grab someone’s attention.
    Honestly, you can often just record a short HOA to serve as your promo.
    Honestly, if you’re like me, you can expect multiple takes before getting it just right.
    This requires either multiple HOAs, or post production.
    Consider also using a “video bed,” a re-usable open/close to customize for each HOA.
    It’s amazing how well a HOA gone wrong can be revived through skillful editing.
    If you ask for a QUOTE to repair an HOA, please include your expectations.


    In business, if an HOA is going to have any sort of afterlife, it needs to rise to at least a minimum production standard. The good news is,  if your HOAs contain technical glitches, they can (likely) be “fixed in post.”

    Things to keep in mind when thinking about Repairing your HOA:

    Some HOAs are beyond repair.
    Even if an HOA can be “fixed in post,” sometimes better to just redo the entire HOA.
    HOAs without filmstrips that have major “blue box” problems are mostly unfixable.
    HOAs with filmstrips that have major “blue box” problems are always fixable.
    Audio is generally more important than video in terms of overall production values.
    There’s magic in “repairing” some audio problems. Other times it’s a lost cause.
    It’s amazing how well some HOAs can turn out after editing.
    If you do ask for a quote, please let me also know your expectations.


    Truth be told, no serious HOA should go without a decent YouTube Custom Thumbnail. Otherwise, it’s just like a report without a cover sheet.

    Things to keep in mind when thinking about Simple Graphics.

    Differentiate yourself. Use a welcoming graphics to start, and Call to Action”  graphics to end.
    Whenever possible, upload a YouTube custom thumbnail for all your HOAs.
    Include your branding, series/episode titles. G+ profile images of host and guests are ideal.
    Remember, the center of the image will be covered by the play icon.
    You know people click on images. Use them for your HOA everywhere.


    Bringing motion and maybe a story line with music to your open and close helps differentiate you from the crowd.

    Things to keep in mind when thinking about Animated Open and Close:

    Anytime you play music/video from within your HOA, you risk a YouTube copyright strike.
    This is true even if you have full copyright to all material used. It’s just that way.
    Use of animated opens/closes in your YouTube upload programs however is entirely legal.
    Animation with music instantly makes your videos memorable.

    Please note: The SCOTT Treatment does not charge extra for using an existing animations customized for each episode, golden nugget or other TST.


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