#RayBunch Doggy Bag Take Out – Episode 48

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Ray’s Lunch Bunch is back for another season, including a new feature of the take out doggy bag.

Production Originator: Ray Hiltz
Regular Panelists: Randy Bowden, Jessica Dewell, Scott Scowcroft and Vivekananda Baindoor Rao.
Special Guest: B.L. Ochman
Series Title: The Ray Lunch Bunch
Episode Title: The Return of The Lunch Bunch
Event page url: http://bit.ly/RayBunch48
HOA airdate: Tue, Sep 16, 9:15
HOA length: 32:26

Event Page Description:

Thrilled to be back for another season of The LunchBunch.
Last June, we sang “see you in September” and here we are – complete with a new look and a new Menu and the old crew.

The G+ LunchBunch Show is now the Ray LunchBunch Show. #RayBunch

Before you go thinking I pulled a Diana Ross and made the show all about “me”, it’s actually all about YOU and our guests who’ll be joining +Jessica Dewell +Scott Scowcroft +Randy Bowden and our wingnut wingman, +Vivekananda Baindoor Rao around the table.

We want to serve up the best conversation menu possible and to do that we need to know what you like.

So leave your suggestions in the comments stream anytime before or during the show and we’ll work it into our menu. (Please no nutty comments. #allergies )

Our regular menu, until Google develops a Hangout app that delivers burgers, features a variety of conversations that will nourish your brain and strengthen your funny bone.

Wherever you are, take a break, pull up a chair, open your Doctor Who or Star Wars lunch box and share your goodies with us – It’s “PotLuck.

At the end of each show, we’ll offer you a “doggie bag”, a little take away that you can ruminate upon later.

This Tuesday’s Lunch Special:

“Bitch is in the Eye of the Beholder”

This is a quote from one of our “Bunchers” (can you guess who?) that came out of a conversation we had during a planning meeting.
We were talking about the impact of “avatars”.

What impression does your avatar make?

Does your avatar reflect who you are or who you want to be?

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