Third Annual Virtujal Blogger’s Conference
Ask Chef Dennis Productions
with Chef Dennis Littley

Virtual Bloggers Conference

Based on his 40+ years of experience in the Food Services Industry , Chef Dennis Littley (aka Ask Chef Dennis Productions) and has taken an incredible journey online to create the “Culinary Journey with Chef Dennis” blog and organize/moderate the G+ Food Bloggers Community.  He then took the bull by the horns and ventured into the world of producing and hosting television shows.

His online presence can only be described as prolific, including producing/hosting numerous successful YouTube series such as Good Day Google+, Around the Kitchen Table, The Food & Booze Show, On the Road with Chef Dennis,  Community Education Events.

From his experience in producing/hosting online programming, Chef Dennis has created/hosted the First, Second and now Third Annual Virtual Bloggers Conferences.

Each session of each conference features leading experts on topics of interest not only to culinary bloggers, but to anyone wishing to learn how best to leverage the opportunities now available to those bold enough to engage online to promote their business, products and services.


Here are The SCOTT Treatments from day one of Chef Dennis’s 3rd Annual Virtual bloggers Conference.
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Chef Dennis Littley has pioneered the production and distribution of YouTube programming through the use of Google’s free Video Production services. Based on his many live series (see above) and pilot projects such as KraftyCooking and 5 Chefs’ Stories Live and Uncensored  , Chef Dennis has become a leading authority on Hangouts on Air, uniquely qualified to produce/host an annual virtual bloggers conference bringing together experts and thought leaders willing and happy to share their insights and expertise. 


Scott Scowcroft, The SCOTT Treatment

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